From the Beginning

The Anime Crew LLC delivers to the customer the value of Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn animation. We deal with a variety of merchandise and a new look at anime. Our company carries and displays action figures, wall scrolls, plush, t-shirts, bags, key chains, pillows and etc..

Gaining Attention
As Anime goes, every product have the customer-oriented values. As well, there is the underlying tone that their value and customer service will gain in popularity. The Anime Crew LLC is more than blessed in this realm as their Japanese products are gaining the attention of  a little love. 

Customers can meet the Japanese valued products in offlines (various conventions) and  also experience Japanese pop-cultured products in onlines( The Anime Crew is extening product lines and preparing e-Commerce for much better customer services.

Keep an eye out for the latest product lines as new customer values are always coming to the surface.